• Measuring time with the Chotovelli Gauge - Watch Review
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Measuring time with the Chotovelli Gauge - Watch Review

Chotovelli Jts 8000-1

While I have been on a bit of a GMT kick as of late (in terms of watches I have been reviewing), I also am now, apparently, on a bit of an Italian kick.  Not that long ago, I reviewed the TCM Orienteering, and now we’re back into the world of Italian watch brands, this time with Chotovelli. When they first approached me about a review, I was struck by some similarities from their Gauge series to the Giuliano Mazzuoli Contagiri.  So, while we will certainly review the Chotovelli Gauge for it’s own merits, it’s also worth considering it as a budget alternative to that Contagiri.

Chotovelli 8800 Gauge Watch

The Chotovelli Gauge (we’re reviewing both the 8000-1 and 8800-2), which are basically identical, other than dial color and case finishing.  The brand lays claim to inspiration from Alfa Romeo gauges and speedometers; while I’m not familiar with those cars’ dashboards, I can see the influence present, at least in general terms.

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