About Us

Our Company Chotovelli and Sons is a third generation 
Watchmakers from Torino. Manufacturing Aviator Pilot
Watches designed and inspired by Gauges and
Speedometers made by Italian car and aviation industry . 

It all started in the late 1920’s with Simone Chotovelli
the first Chotovelli Watchmaker.His craftsmanship
in repairing and restoring old mechanical and automatic
movements was Well known. In 1967 he passed the
knowledge and know-how to his son Yitzchak Chotovelli
who continued the wishes of his father and by that carried
on the legacy to become a well established watchmaker. 
left Itschak Chotovelli , right Simone Chotovelli
In 2005 Sons and daughter of Yitzchak embarked on
a venture to revive the family tradition launching a unique
Military Pilot Watch collection,unsurpassed in craftsmanship 
premium quality and exceptional eye for detail.