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Chotovelli 8000-3 Gauge Watch

Today we are looking at the Chotovelli Gauge watch and the specific reference is Jts 8000-3. The dial is inspired by the Alfa Romeos gauge design, I don’t know from which particular model, but you really can tell from looking at the pictures online, that they have similarities. Although the Chotovelli Gauge watch is basically homage to Manometro by Giuliano Mazzuoli, it looks the same, but Manometro costs 3000 dollars. The dial is matte black with red outer line and white minute markers. The numbers are written in this fat font that you usually see in sports car gauges. There is no lume, but as Chotovelli said: “Luminous elements are unnecessary, a distraction, nothing superfluous detracts from the functions it performs.”

Chotovelli 8000-3 TRacing Watch

Took the watch out of the box and immediately you are blinded by the polishing, it just reflects every light that it almost looks black. The polishing is definitely good. The case is made from stainless steel, 45 mm in diameter and 13.10 mm thick. The case is lug-less so the 45mm size feels like 43mm. On the sides of the watch you will find carbon fiber, so it definitely screams automotive design. The crown is on 4 o’clock. It is big and easy to grab, and I really like that position, because it is easier to set time when it is on the wrist. The glass is flat sapphire crystal.

Chotovelli Italian leather strap


  • Ilan Chotovelli
  • ChotovelliGaugeItalianMens Watch

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